Black stars and moon obsidian altar

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Antique Metal Tray Altar with Obsidian Tower

Elevate your spiritual practice with our Antique Metal Tray Altar, an exquisite and enchanting piece designed to hold powerful energies and beautiful aesthetics. This vintage tray is transformed with black epoxy, creating a stunning backdrop for the mystical elements it holds.


  • Antique Metal Tray: A timeless piece, repurposed to create a sacred space for your rituals and spellwork.
  • Black Epoxy Inlay: The black epoxy filling provides a striking contrast, holding all elements securely in place.

Central Elements:

  • Obsidian Tower with Stars and Moons: A captivating centerpiece, this obsidian tower is adorned with celestial symbols, offering protection and grounding.
  • Quartz Crystals: Surrounding the tower, these crystals amplify energy and intentions, bringing clarity and spiritual growth.
  • Fluorite: Enhancing focus, intuition, and mental clarity, fluorite provides stabilizing energy to your altar.
  • Morel Mushroom: Adding a touch of natural beauty and grounding energy, the morel mushroom symbolizes growth and transformation.
  • Black Candle Holder with Pentagram: Positioned perfectly for your ritual candles, the pentagram symbolizes protection, balance, and the elements.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Obsidian Tower: Protection, grounding, deflecting negativity.
  • Quartz Crystals: Amplification, clarity, spiritual growth.
  • Fluorite: Focus, intuition, mental clarity, protection.
  • Morel Mushroom: Growth, transformation, grounding.
  • Pentagram Candle Holder: Protection, balance, connection to the elements.

Create a powerful and harmonious sacred space with our Antique Metal Tray Altar. The combined energies of obsidian, quartz, fluorite, and the natural touch of the morel mushroom, along with the protective pentagram, make this altar a perfect addition to your spiritual practice. Let its enchanting presence and metaphysical properties enhance your rituals and bring balance and protection to your space.