Copper needle crystal sphere

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Copper Needle Crystal Sphere - Radiate Energies with Elemental Harmony

Embark on a journey of metaphysical resonance with our Copper Needle Crystal Sphere, a captivating fusion of elemental beauty and spiritual power. Crafted with precision and adorned with copper needles, this sphere is more than a visual masterpiece; it's a conduit for energy alignment, amplification, and grounding.


  1. Copper Needle Adornments: Marvel at the intricate copper needles that gracefully adorn the surface of the crystal sphere. Each needle symbolizes the conductivity of copper, a metal known for its ability to channel and enhance energies, creating a striking fusion of natural and metallic elements.

  2. Metaphysical Properties:

    • Energy Amplification: Copper is a powerful conductor of energy, enhancing the sphere's ability to amplify and radiate positive vibrations. Use it to intensify the effects of your meditation, energy healing, and manifestation practices.
    • Grounding Energies: Feel grounded and connected to the Earth as the copper needles harmonize with the stabilizing energies of the crystal sphere. This grounding effect is beneficial for those seeking stability, balance, and a sense of rootedness.
    • Balance and Alignment: The spherical shape of the crystal promotes balance and alignment of energies, both within the crystal itself and in its surrounding environment. It acts as a harmonizing force, fostering equilibrium and coherence.
    • Protection and Transmutation: Copper is believed to have protective qualities, shielding against negative energies. It also aids in transmuting and transforming these energies into positive forces, promoting a purified and uplifting atmosphere.
  3. Versatile Décor: Display the Copper Needle Crystal Sphere as a centerpiece in your meditation space, on your desk, or in any room to infuse the surroundings with its harmonious energies and aesthetic allure.

  4. Dimensions:

    • Approximately 3 inches in diameter
    • Adorned with delicate copper needles for a visually captivating effect

Note: Due to the handmade nature of the crystal sphere and the placement of copper needles, each piece is unique, ensuring that your sphere is a one-of-a-kind expression of elemental harmony.

Radiate energies and elevate your space with the Copper Needle Crystal Sphere. Order now and let the fusion of natural and metallic elements guide you towards energetic alignment and grounded tranquility!