Crescent lunar cat necklace

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Are you a cat lover? Are cats in love with you? Often times we will find ourselves claimed by a familiar in the form of a cat. In the Enchanted forest cats are the gate keepers of the dream realm and nocturnal, making these majestic animals beloved and protected by the Goddess Luna and Gaia. Cats are a symbol of wisdom and wit known for having 9 lives and being quick and agile on their feet. Making cats the puuurfect protector and familiar for anyone working within the metaphysical & spiritual realm. Adorned on the crown of that cats head is a beautiful moonstone, below where the cats third eye is lays a upside down crescent moon. 

" Beware of the night, child. All cats are black in the dark."

-Jean Genet

Thank you for your continuous support as we grow this unique boutique. Sharing the Enchanted Forests treasures and lore is a business I have always dreamed of opening. You being apart of my journey means the world to me.

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