Enchanted forest owl journal

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This is a one of Enchanted forests unique owls. 3D etched into this unique journal, bringing parts of our lore to friends, family, or yourself. Owls are watchers of the night and protected by Luna herself here in the enchanted forest, showing love to Lunas animals is a way of worshipping and showing your love for the night. Owls are the watchers of the night, and can be a familiar to you if your lucky enough to be chosen by them. When chosen by the majestic watchers of the night they will also protect and watch over you, often warning you in the  dream or ethereal world, of dangers or paths to be taken.  If you have a love for these animals this journal is a way of connecting you to them through thoughts and manifestations written within- protected by the night watchers themselves.

“People say the darkness is where secrets are best hidden. Night time brings clarity and focus to owls—even if the aperture of this vision comes with a stigma.”

– Kimberly Morgan

Thank you for your continuous support as we grow this unique boutique. Sharing the Enchanted Forests treasures and lore is a business I have always dreamed of opening.

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