Goddess Luna's Quartz Moon earrings

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Praise the power of Luna the the moon phases with these unique silver hoop bangled earrings, adorned with quartz crystals at the bottom. Perfect for grounding and storing energy, stones and crystals should be charged on the full moon or during meditation practice-  Remember to cleanse regularly from any bad energy. These earrings will keep you balanced, charged, and protected during the lunar, planet, and equinox shifts that can sometimes leave us drained and moody. Enchantresses in the enchanted forest wear earrings symbolizing the moon adorned with crystals when working Magic at night or specified moon phases. It is said that the embodiment of the moon and power of the crystals will keep you protected and emboldened by Luna, granting her blessings and boosting your power.

"The night stole fast an assassin of the Dark seizing the day With His army of Stars"

- The Moon Goddess

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