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These are about 5.5 mm golden obsidian beaded bracelet. 

Healing Properties & Benefits

Brimming with healing energy, Golden Sheen Obsidian has a lot to offer. Its potent vibrational energy is said to penetrate deep into your body, affecting your psyche and spirit along the way.


Here are just some of the ways the healing properties of this gold-dusted stone can benefit your mind, body, and soul.



Golden Sheen Obsidian is a master healer for those who are suffering from trauma and pain. Like the primary form of this volcanic glass, the meaning and properties of this stone wipe away negativity to cleanse your aura and bring peace. However, its powers go even deeper than that.


The healing properties of Golden Sheen Obsidian break down the barriers in your conscious and subconscious mind. Many people who go through difficult situations end up burying as many emotions as they can. While that can provide some temporary relief, that dark energy will rear its ugly head at some point.


This healing stone will bring those long-lost traumas back to the surface. That might sound counterproductive to your healing journey, but it’s the best way to move on. Golden Sheen Obsidian grants the strength you need to confront those memories once and for all.




Like a constant companion that provides support in all of life’s most harrowing experiences, the meaning of Golden Sheen Obsidian pushes you to face your fears. It lets you confront those traumas so that you can finally find acceptance and peace.


Another essential facet of Golden Sheen Obsidian is its ability to see past your own ego. It’s not uncommon for old memories to get in the way of personal happiness. No matter how much you might try to overcome the grief and pain you experience, a strong ego will prevent you from doing so.


This stone’s energy gently pushes your ego aside, allowing you to make decisions without the fog of pride.



Like the glittering stars above, Golden Sheen Obsidian has a cloak of awe-inspiring mystery. The meaning of this stone isn’t just about healing your mind and doing away with bad energy. It puts you on a journey of self-discovery you never knew you needed.


A Golden Sheen Obsidian egg

So many people get stuck in their ways and lost in the daily grind of life. Previous aspirations dwindle as you fall into a groove that can last decades. Before you know it, you’ve gone through life without fulfilling your purpose.




The properties of Golden Sheen Obsidian ensure that you feel fulfilled and purposeful. It pushes you to find your true calling. Whether that involves your current career or something entirely out of left field, this stone will help you get there.


It facilitates a spiritual journey like no other. Not only does it help you find joy in your life, but it also helps you reclaim your personal power!


Instead of going with the flow, you’ll find the strength to think outside of the box and chase the passions you’ve always wanted. Life is too short not to pursue your dreams, and Golden Sheen Obsidian instills a nugget of ambition to do just that.



Most crystal practitioners and healers utilize the properties of Golden Sheen Obsidian to take advantage of its emotional and spiritual benefits. However, it’s also said to improve your physical health in many different ways.


Some believe that this stone’s capable of reversing cell damage. This process is thought to affect every biological function in the body. Some say it can help improve the function of bone marrow, speed up recovery after injury, and more.


It’s also said to enhance tissue regeneration, which may help to accelerate recovery after sprains, muscle pulls, and other common injuries.


Another commonly mentioned benefit of Golden Sheen Obsidian is related to fertility. According to some healers, the stone’s energy stimulates fertility and helps those with a depleted libido. It’s sometimes referred to as the “Stone of Rebirth,” since many use it with the intention of promoting conception and healthy pregnancy.


Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of Golden Sheen Obsidian make it a powerful tool for balance. It focuses its energy on two chakras.




The first is the root (or base) chakra. The first of your seven primary chakras, this energy point is responsible for your feelings of stability. When you consider the effect this stone has on your emotional well-being, the connection isn’t surprising.


When life gets you down, and you bury your traumas to avoid dealing with them, you can become complacent and lost. You might find yourself feeling like you don’t have a stable footing no matter what you do.


Golden Sheen Obsidian’s energy makes it a great root chakra stone, allowing your metaphysical body to accept grounding energy from the Earth below. The energy can flow into your body and restore those feelings of stability you desperately need.


The second energy point this stone resonates with is the solar plexus chakra. It’s the third primary chakra and is located around the stomach area. Called Manipura in ancient Sanskrit, the solar plexus chakra acts as your well of personal power, confidence, and self-esteem.


When the chakra gets blocked, many people suffer from an awful sense of self. Their confidence nosedives as they struggle to find any redeeming qualities about themselves. It’s a dangerous mindset to have.


Luckily, Golden Sheen Obsidian is a powerful solar plexus chakra stone and can help boost your self-confidence. It helps you find your power and unlock your inner divinity.


How To Use It

There are a few easy ways to use Golden Sheen Obsidian.




The easiest way to incorporate its meaning and properties into your daily life is to wear it as jewelry. The glossy finish and gold-dusted sheen lend themselves well to eye-catching pieces. Hang it from your neck, wrap it around your wrist, or adorn your ears.


No matter what form of jewelry it takes, the stone will continue to emanate healing energy your way. Because it’s constantly making contact with your skin, it’s much easier to reap the rewards.


If you prefer something more decorative, Golden Sheen Obsidian is available in a variety of forms. It’s trendy in the interior design world. You can find perfectly polished spheres, commanding points, breathtaking pyramids, and even oddball shapes.


The larger pieces look beautiful on a shelf. Try putting it in your bedroom or a space that you frequent to ensure that you’re absorbing as many healing vibes as possible. The stone also works nicely with feng shui efforts, as it represents the elements of fire and earth.


Those looking to meditate with Golden Sheen Obsidian can turn to smaller pocket rocks and handheld stones. Apply it to your chakras or hold it in the palm of your hand and think about its meaning. As you do, guide your intent into the stone and recite healing affirmations.


Zodiac Connections

Golden Sheen Obsidian can benefit anyone who chooses to accept its healing energy. However, crystal practitioners believe that the stone caters most to those born under two specific zodiacs. These include Scorpio and Sagittarius, which cover the end of the calendar year.


Scorpios and Sagittarians both have distinct strengths and weaknesses. Scorpios are headstrong, brave, and pretty dedicated to those they love. Meanwhile, Sagittarians are philosophical, spiritually-minded, and always eager to help the people around them.


Despite those positive traits, these signs do have inherent weaknesses. One negative attribute Scorpios and Sagittarians share is occasional intolerance.


Scorpios do not tolerate failure or even subtle perceived slights. They can be pretty sensitive, falling into a dangerous cycle of negative emotions. Once there, Scorpios will let their ego take over as they turn manipulative and angry.


The same goes for Sagittarians. However, their intolerance focuses on close-mindedness. Sagittarians are deep wells of exploration and whimsy. When someone doesn’t have that same openness, they can become a little curt and impatient.


For these two signs, the meaning of Golden Sheen Obsidian makes it a great companion. Its grounding energy helps them retain the positive traits they have. But, it also helps them overcome their


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