Lapis lazuli bracelets

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These beautiful bracelets are made from authentic lapis lazuli and are about 3.2 mm in size.

1. Protection
Lapis Lazuli is one of the best stones to have for protection. The strong powers of this stone make it able to block psychic attacks and return the sources of negativity to whence they came. In addition, it can reverse curses or diseases. Because this is a highly spiritual stone, it is also suggested that Lapis Lazuli has the ability to contact spirit guardians to offer even more protection when worn.

2. Mental Health
Lapis Lazuli is most notable for its relation to the healing of mental health. Since this stone is related to the third eye chakra, it helps to bring a sense of clarity, calm, and peace. It brings harmony and balance, so it is very effective for use if you are suffering from depression or other mental disorders. This is also a useful stone to have if you have experienced any kind of trauma, as the strong energies of this stone will harmonize the emotions and create a sense of calm and deep inner truth.

3. Insight
Lapis Lazuli is unique in that it is thought to be a very powerful way to reach spiritual attainment or enlightenment. Placing this on the third eye chakra helps open up and bring clarity and insight to your thoughts. It is also helpful in strengthening psychic abilities. It helps bring out creativity and aids in self-expression and communication. If you are having trouble speaking up about something or being true to yourself, this stone will help you gather the courage to speak out and come to terms with your own truth.

4. Relationships
Lapis Lazuli also has the great ability to build bonds between loved ones and friends. Because of its strengths in aiding communication, this stone encourages speaking your mind and being able to express your emotions and feelings freely. If there is any blockage or stress in love or friendship, this is the stone to have to help work through and talk out any issues.

5. Physical Benefits (We are not doctors and this is not a cure)

In addition to the benefits listed above, lapis lazuli can also help heal many common ailments. Because of its association with the third eye chakra, lapis lazuli can help alleviate migraines, especially those related to stress as it helps clear the mind. In addition, this stone can help with depression, respiratory and nervous system issues, and helps heal anything related to the throat, larynx, and thyroid. Lapis Lazuli is also very useful in the treatment of insomnia and vertigo.