Lost forests treasure map scrolls (pencil holder)

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Unique roll up leather pencil holders found in the Enchanted forest buried deep underground. Rumors are whispered in the enchanted forest that these are the lost scrolls leading to Earth Goddess Gaia's fountain of youth in her Garden. Lore states that whoever finds the clues and locates the fountain will forever be beautiful, young, and protected by the Goddess Gaia herself. Allowing you access to the enchanted garden of Gaia. Many say that in the times of old that these map clues can be found through using a pendulum, while pulling energy from the earth have it help guide your pendulum, ask of the Goddess Gaia to guide you true.

 Designed with pockets to put pencils in standing up inside with a leather twine cord equipped with a charm to close your Treasure map. Color is picked at random, and we appreciate your love and support as we grow this unique boutique. Sharing the Enchanted Forests treasures I find with you is something i have always dreamed of doing.


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