Mushroom Madness Tote bag

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Mushrooms are a source of food and healing that have been used in the enchanted forest for centuries. Holding our forest together in its vast mycelial network it allows our tree of life to stay connected to all living plants within her forest. Not to mention they are cool and very yummy, this bag display an array of different varieties and species of mushrooms. 

 “I have myself eaten the hallucinogenic mushroom, psilocybe, a divine ambrosia in immemorial use among the Masatec Indians of Oaxaca Province, Mexico; hear the priestess invoke Tlaloc, the Mushroom-god, and seen transcendental visions. Thus I wholeheartedly agree with R. Gordon Wasson, the American discoverer of this ancient rite, that European ideas of heaven and hell may well have derived from similar mysteries.”
― Robert Graves, The Greek Myths


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