Raw Howlite Wire Wrapped Necklace

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This is a handmade Raw Howlite Wire Wrapped Necklace.

What is Howlite?
Howlite is a hydrous calcium borate comprised of irregular nodules with monoclinic structures that looks like cauliflower heads. This stone has a hardness rating of 3 – 3.5 on the Mohs scale.

Thanks to its creamy color, howlite has a strong relation with snow, making it a suitable crystal during the winter months when most mammals prepare for a partial or full hibernation. Spiritually, this offers the spirit and soul the much-needed rest and energy they need in order to continue their important transformative work. The energies of howlite can help slow you down physically while maintaining full mental and spiritual awareness.

Howlite is also a stone of compassion. Its soft stone texture and lulling colors remind you that you need to do all things with gentleness and kindness. This includes the actions that you take with others and the actions you take for yourself.

This crystal also contains the spiritual quality of open-mindedness. It functions perfectly with compassion since open-mindedness allows all your thoughts and ideas to come together without judgment. So, as you encounter new arguments, challenges, persuasions and ideas, the howlite crystal can help you investigate each of these with gentle, loving energies.

Howlite also denotes innocence and purity. It carries good and light energies that act as a light in times of darkness. Not only that, but it also helps in restoring calm and peace in your life. Its creamy white hues can relieve stress by soothing your overactive minds and dissipating anger as well as negative thoughts. IT also helps in strengthening your patience while allowing your positive traits to shine through.

This soft stone can also enhance spiritual and mental work. It is said to heighten your awareness of goals and providing a motivation boost. This helps you find the needed strength and willpower to achieve them.


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