Sphalerite Druzy Tower l Polished Crystal tower

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High quality Sphalerite towers. Wonderful home décor pieces! You will receive one of the towers from the images in this listing. If you wish to receive a specific one then message and check availability. You can also message me if you would like to see more images of the specimens at another angle or in a different setting.

approximately 3 - 4 inches tall

Sphalerite Healing Properties:
Sphalerite fills the body with golden light, and imbues a feeling of 'lightness' within. It is warming, stimulating and uplifting, and strengthens the immune system. It encourages psychic and spiritual development and can be very helpful in meditation and visualization work.
Sphalerite is made up of zinc sulfide, the chief ore of zinc, and is a part of the Sphalerite group, also known as Zinc Blende. It may be yellow, brown, red or black. In its true black variety, Marmatite, the mineral contains high concentrations of iron and is sometimes called Black Jack.

Sphalerite is a grounding stone, working well with the lower chakras. It helps to balance male and female energies and increases vitality when you need it most. Sphalerite is also known to help you weigh the good and the bad in difficult situations. It also eases the transition period, especially when changing jobs so keep a piece at your new workplace or anywhere you'll see it often during this period.

When used in mediation, Sphalerite may increase our psychic qualities, whereby information is more easily received, and we may be better able to discern reality from illusion or deception.

Physically, Sphalerite may help with problems associated with both male and female reproductive systems; increase libido and energy; protect the immune system, and alleviate infections and fevers.

***Please note that natural product may have small imperfections and blemishes which we cannot control. We do our best to capture them in the photo, but they may not show up properly. Please contact us prior to your purchase if you require more pictures. Please note, these are natural crystals with lots of rough tips, edges, and surfaces. Please only purchase them if you accept it as is.