Sunstone crysyal bracelets

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Authentic Sunstone beads about 4.3 mm in size made into a beautiful bracelet. 


 Sunstone Metaphysical Properties
With the radiance of the mighty sun and the fire of the solar ray, the sunstone crystal carries the energy of the sun God, Ra. Its energy brings all potential life from within the earth.
Sunstone gem is also known as the Stone of Leadership. Sunstone gems bring freedom, personal power and expanded consciousness to their users. Since it reflects the qualities of light, the sunstone crystal also brings benevolence, openness and warmth. Sunstone gems also bring mental clarity, strength and the ability and willingness to bestow blessings upon others.
A joyful crystal, the Sunstone inspires the nurturing of self to be of good service to other people. Sunstone gems have the ability to restore the enjoyment of good nature, life and providing a sense of abundance.
Speaking of abundance, the sunstone gem is also known as an abundance and wealth crystal. This stone can encourage originality and independence. Sunstone gemstones is inspirational in attracting fame, unexpected prosperity and revealing talents. Sunstone gems is a great “good luck” crystal for competitions.
You can also wear sunstone gem to feel enthusiastic and alive. Sunstone gemstones enhance vitality and are highly beneficial in maintaining and starting a fitness program or an aerobic activity. It is well-suited for those with occupations that require high energies throughout the day.
The Benefits of Sunstone
Here are some of the best benefits of using sunstone.
For Physical Healing
Just like standing in the sunlight, the sunstone gem can also warm your body. Sunstone stone increases metabolism, vitality and digestion. This crystal can also stimulate self-healing energies, harmonizing and regulating all your organs.
Sunstone gem can also be used in the treatment of chronic sore throats. Sunstone gems can also relieve ulcers and stomach tension. When placed on your solar plexus chakra, this stone can lift Seasonal Affective disorder and other psychological ailments. Sunstone stone is helpful in chasing away bad dreams and nightmares.
Since ancient times, this crystal was also used as a grid around the body in order to relieve rheumatism, cartilage problems and general pains and aches. Sunstone stone is also used to treat cramps, osteoarthritis, fever, athletic injury and various infections. Physical contact with larger specimens can also relieve spinal problems and aching feet.
For Emotional Healing
The sunstone is a highly effective crystal in cleansing your chakras and aura. With healing properties help in removing hooks from possessive lovers, loved ones or anyone draining of your energies. The sunstone crystal surrounds these hooks with positive and loving energies and returning them back to the source.
This is particularly beneficial when ties should be cut or if you have the difficulty of saying No to others. Sunstone stones can help remove co-dependency, overcoming procrastination and encouraging independence and self-empowerment.
Those who hold back due to self-doubt and fears can find the sunstone crystal melting away the sense of unworthiness. Sunstone gems also erase feelings of beings discriminated against, abandoned or disadvantaged. Sunstone stone will exude a positive and rich spectrum of energies that can re-balance your emotional patterns and encouraging enthusiasm and optimism. Also, it helps in transforming anger into energy and sadness into joy.
For Chakra Healing and Balancing
Carrying the powers of the light and sun, the sunstone crystal can cleanse and clear all your chakras, restoring joy and happiness and provides nourishments of the spirit. Sunstone stone is especially energizing to the sacral and base chakra, stimulating will and leadership, sexuality and creativity.

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