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Unlock your inner magic with our comprehensive Beginner Witchy Set, designed to provide everything a novice witch needs to start their spiritual journey. This thoughtfully curated collection includes essential tools for spell work, rituals, and personal growth.


  1. Altar Broom (Besom): Sweep away negative energies and purify your sacred space.
  2. Cauldron: A versatile tool for burning incense, mixing herbs, or performing candle magic.
  3. Two Spell Candles: One shaped as a male and one shaped as a female, perfect for various types of spell work.
  4. Altar Bell: Ring to signal the beginning and end of rituals, and to clear energy.
  5. Triple Moon Journal: Use this beautiful journal as a grimoire to record spells, rituals, and magical insights.
  6. Pencil: For writing down your spells and intentions in your grimoire.
  7. Myrrh and Copal Incense: Purify your space and enhance your rituals with these sacred scents.
  8. Moon Phase Incense Holder: Elegant holder for your incense, decorated with moon phases.
  9. Candle Holder with Triple Moon Design: Securely hold your candles while invoking the power of the Triple Goddess.
  10. Two Protection Herbs: Essential for creating protective charms and rituals.
  11. Altar Cloth: A beautiful cloth to define and protect your altar space.

Perfect for beginners, this set provides all the necessary tools to start practicing witchcraft and connecting with your spiritual path. Whether you're performing spells, writing in your grimoire, or purifying your space, this set is designed to support and enhance your magical practices.