The Enchantresses prayer beads

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Beautiful stone beaded necklace adorned with a crystal that's edged in gold. In meditative practice these beads are used in between our fingers so we can count the beads and empty our minds. Letting your mind clear and chakras open, pull positive energy in through your crown chakra and let it pulse through your body storing some within the crystals of the necklace. Carry this necklace around all day to help your feel grounded and energized, reach up at any time and use the beads to clear your mind  throughout the day.

“Mediation means dissolving the invisible walls that unaware has built”
 – Sadhguru

Thank you for your continuous support as we grow this unique boutique. Sharing the Enchanted Forests treasures and lore is a business I have always dreamed of opening. You being apart of my journey means the world to me.

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