The Moon means what in my sign?

Posted by Christopher Coe on

The Moon In: Aries: Initial excitement for anything new, followed by waning interest.

Taurus: Sensitive and affectionate- and not afraid to show it

Gemini: Dual Nature adapts and changes as needed.

Cancer: kind and sensitive…. Maybe a bit too much. Leo: The dramatist- try to keep it to yourself Virgo: extremely artistic and sensitive, but prone to overanalyzing your feelings.

Libra: Quite charming, and able to correctly size up any situation for the best decision.

Scorpios: Compassionate and intuitive, but likes thins even-keeled. Sagittarius: Sensitive to others’ feelings.

Capricorn: You keep emotions bottled up, and it’s not good for you.

Aquarius: Tend to reflect the feelings. Emotions of others around you.

Pisces: Sensitive to others’ emotions