(One) Lepidolite mini tower

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Mini Lepidolite Tower

Introduce a sense of peace and tranquility into your life with our Mini Lepidolite Tower. This small yet potent crystal tower harnesses the calming and healing properties of lepidolite, making it a perfect addition to your space.


  • Mini Size: Compact and portable, this mini tower is ideal for your altar, desk, or to carry with you.
  • Lepidolite: Known for its lovely shades of purple and lavender, each piece is unique and radiates soothing energy.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Calming: Lepidolite is celebrated for its calming properties, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and promoting emotional balance.
  • Emotional Healing: Aids in emotional healing by gently encouraging the release of old patterns and bringing a sense of peace and well-being.
  • Protection: Provides a protective shield against negative energies and electromagnetic pollution, creating a safe and harmonious environment.
  • Clarity: Enhances mental clarity and decision-making, helping you to think clearly and focus on your goals.
  • Spiritual Growth: Supports spiritual growth and enlightenment, making it a valuable tool for meditation and inner work.

Incorporate the Mini Lepidolite Tower into your space to benefit from its calming, healing, and protective energies. Let its soothing presence support you in your journey towards emotional balance and spiritual growth.