(One) Unakite Mini tower

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Mini Unakite Tower

Bring harmony and balance into your space with our Mini Unakite Tower. This small yet potent crystal tower features the soothing green and pink hues of unakite, known for its nurturing and healing properties.


  • Mini Size: Compact and portable, perfect for your altar, desk, or to carry with you.
  • Unakite: Each piece displays a blend of green epidote and pink feldspar, radiating a gentle and calming energy.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Emotional Healing: Unakite supports emotional healing and encourages self-love and compassion, making it an ideal stone for healing old wounds and releasing negative patterns.
  • Balance: Promotes emotional balance and harmony, helping to align your heart and mind and fostering inner peace.
  • Nurturing: Provides a nurturing energy that supports growth and transformation, aiding in overcoming obstacles and achieving personal goals.
  • Spiritual Growth: Enhances spiritual growth and intuition, assisting in connecting with higher realms and deepening meditation practices.
  • Grounding: Offers grounding energy, helping to stabilize emotions and keep you centered during times of stress or change.

Incorporate the Mini Unakite Tower into your space to benefit from its nurturing, balancing, and healing energies. Let its gentle and supportive presence guide you toward emotional well-being and spiritual growth.